Great party night look!

By on February 16, 2017

10 easy steps to a great bold look

1) Always start with a primer for the eyes as well as primer before you apply foundation.

2)Depending on what your are wearing this look goes well with browns and reds.

3) Let’s use a brown eye shadow base, not too dark, to blend neatly on the eye lid.

4) Once you have the brown blended neatly, grab your black shadow and apply it in the corner of your eye lid.

5) After the black eye shadow is neatly in the corner, get your blending brush and blend the black eye shadow to the outer part of your eye lid.

6) Once you are pleased with your smokey eye it’s time to add a little of your favorite blush to your cheeks.

7) Make sure blush is blended evenly on each cheek.

8) Grab a nice plum lipstick or your favorite dark shade and apply evenly to lips.

9) Apply a little gloss for the perfect shine look.

10) Grab your finishing spray of your choice for the perfect hydrating skin and spray onto face.
Now you are ready for any event, party or dinner!

By Mia Dixon

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