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Women's Quarterly Magazine with Heather Monahan on the cover. Exclusive Interview with Todd Anthony Tyler


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Women's Quarterly Magazine, (WQ), is a global network, online community, and quarterly magazine. Our main focus is on growth, career, business, finance and giving back to those in need.



This edition of our magazine is on gaining confidence, getting rid of mental blocks and taking a leap of faith. On the Cover is Heather Monahan, Author of Confidence Creator and TEDx Speaker. Also inside, exclusive interview with Todd Anthony Tyler, talking about marriage, parenting, healthy lifestyle and the best places to travel.

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Mind Your Business

Pay attention to your money, professional development and how to grow a successful business. #BossUpGoals
January 6, 2020

Six ways to use social media in your job search

Today's job search requires a strategy that uses social media as well as traditional avenues.
December 22, 2019

Career: Is this the year you change your career?

Make 2020 the year you get your new career underway.
December 22, 2019

Educate yourself before starting the path to a new career

The process is much larger than just getting a degree and looking for a job.


You are a Mompreneur whether working a job or not or owning a business. You run your household #LikeABoss
October 15, 2019

Five ways to help kids boost their brain power

Parents who want to help give their children an intellectual edge should consider the brain-healthy choices they make each day.
September 15, 2019

Pack a school lunch they won’t want to trade

Packing school lunches filled with healthy, appealing and creative foods is an excellent start to encouraging children to make sensible food choices.

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