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Our Events and Promotions search for people who have great stories to tell, women supporting women, women looking for ways to build their brand and get more exposure. We are here to enlighten, educate and entertain.

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These events help to raise funds and awareness for Extended Hugs. Extended Hugs is committed to supporting those who are unfairly denied the firm foundation needed for a successful life. Focusing on disadvantaged children and their families. 

Searching for the EVERYDAY WOMAN
Tell us about you in 300 words, (not characters), or less and send us a clear selfie or snapshot – up to 3 photos of only you – at work, play, hobby and/or a professional looking headshot. The winner will get a professional photo shoot and be on the cover of our magazine. Runner-ups and Finalists will be featured on our website and chosen to be in the magazine. Moms, Executives, Professionals and Business Partners are encouraged to enter.

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