Jeans that fit your body shape

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December 29, 2019
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Jeans that fit your body shape

Hello ladies!
Today’s topic is jeans! We love them. We hate them. They are our “go to” when we want to look casual, dressy, or even chic. You may wonder how you can find the perfect fit; the one that is most flattering to your body. I say, know your lane, and stay in it! “What does that mean?” you may be wondering. It means know your body style and tailor to it.

There are three things you must ask yourself in order to find the perfect fit: What is your body type? What are your strengths, and what are your weaknesses?

  1. What is my body type? Am I a pear, ruler, apple, or hourglass?

A pear shaped person is one whose lower body is heavy. This particular person tends to store fat in their legs and their buttock area.

A ruler shaped person is one who possesses a straight figure. This type of person usually sees themselves as “squared”, and lacks a waistline.

An apple top shaped person can range from heavy-chested, round at the top, with legs thinner than the torso.

An hourglass shaped person is on who is proportionate from top and bottom, with an extra small waist.

  1. What is my body strength?

The strength of a pear shaped person is great buttocks and thighs. If this type of person has a problem with their thighs or hips, they should stay away from skinny jeans. Boot cut and dark denim will work best with this body type, as lighter color denim will make them appear bigger than they are. If you have ever wondered, “Why do these jeans make me look fat?” I’ve got news for you: it’s not you, it’s the color of the jeans. Similar problems can arise with an hourglass body. People with hourglass type bodies are curvy. Even when they are thin, their curves make them fall prey to the “pear shaped” problem.

  1. What about the gap on the back? And that muffin top?

We all strongly dislike them!

The gap comes from wearing the wrong jean size. It may take 20 pairs of jeans before finding the right fit, but the time invested in finding it is well worth it!

The muffin top problem arises from wearing low-rise jeans. I know, low-rise jeans are in, but without a flat stomach, they will not bring out the best of a body figure; mid-rise jeans are the way to go! One can still feel sexy and look great, minus the muffin top!

Pockets are another problem that arises, and that most people do not know they have. Big bedazzled pockets are in, and are cool, but they do not make everyone look great from behind. With all these tips in mind, I conclude that nothing turns more heads than great fitting jeans.

The next topic on the agenda is the peplum!

Remember ladies, let out the rebel, embrace that inner diva, and show off your style. Stay tuned for more style tips from Rebel Diva Couture.

By Schreese Fontaine

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