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Women’s Quarterly™ is a registered trademark and brand of ICE Media Entertainment LLC. We assist our clients in increasing their visibility while using our media outlets to help promote various causes. We share inspiring stories that feature people making a difference. We support the Walk to Defeat ALS for the DMV Chapter. Visit the ALS website.


giving women a voice

Women's Quarterly Magazine, (WQ), is a global network, online community, and quarterly magazine. Our main focus is on growth, career, business, finance and giving back to those in need.

We want you to live your best life by providing tools, resources, advice and inspiration on career, business, entrepreneurship and finances. We want to give women a voice to share and tell their stories that will inspire and pave the way forward for others on their journey.

We are advocates for living a full circle healthy lifestyle - mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. Our readers will find practical advice, good common sense and savvy on various topics that women encounter from everyday living.

Our magazine is also a platform to feature the up and coming in talent, sports, technology, charity and business. We seek out the most talented from all around the world in an effort to support their careers and endeavors by providing them acknowledgement within the pages of Women's Quarterly Magazine.

our vision board

The story behind the birth of our magazine and where we visually see ourselves in the future.

We are not to be mistaken for the typical globally recognized publications and how they function. Those publications get over $100K+ for a one-page ad in their magazine - just ask them for a media kit. 😎

However, WQ, is a creative outlet to help raise funding for disadvantaged children and families; to assist with living, medical and educational expenses. We will also continue to support ALS awareness and funding through this publication; in memory of our Publisher's father who lost his battle with ALS in 2006.

In addition to our philanthropic pursuits, we will use this as a platform for women to share their stories, grow their business and increase brand visibility.

"We all have a heart, so share some of yours." 💖 Vist: Extended Hugs

our peeps

The people that work behind the scenes are dedicated to the growth and success of our magazine.

We are a group of women, (aged from 21-50), volunteering our time in an effort to support other women through the maintaining of this website, social media management and magazine creation. We are career professionals, working moms, a Gigi :) and caregivers. We are warriors, survivors and trailblazers. We look for content that will educate, entertain and empower our readers. Got a suggestion? Send your suggestions to:

Contributors: Robin Anderson, Lauren D'Ath, Heather Pillman, Lara Badiali, Corina Edghill, Shveata S., Sade Bolling, Thuy Tran, Danielle Medina, Andrea Cameron, Celeste Hilling, Dean McMurray, Dr. Mo, Lora Clark, Andrea Ramirez, Sabrina Carrington, Dr. Sherry


what we do?

Calling all authors, coaches, online retailers, mompreneurs, solopreneurs and lady hustlers. Partner with our magazine and join our network of empowering women. Let WQ help you grow, market, promote, and build your brand with our proven marketing techniques and growth hacks.

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